At VAZAL Corporativo Jurídico we are proud to achieve immediate solutions for projects, challenges, doubts and hurdles frequently associated with complex structures and businesses in the legal context. We always answer with creativity, innovation and efficacy in the prevention and solution of present and/or future contingencies.

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A firm with more than 25 years experience, dedicated to the practice of Law and related services. We consider to walk alongside our customers of the utmost importance in order to provide integral solutions on a preventative and corrective basis for compliance issues. We exchange the word power for responsibility through the realization of our activities in an ethical manner and with the highest standards of quality, warmth and service vocation, which has, in turn, helped to position ourselves within the reference frame.


Giving our clients practical and professional solutions, while offering a direct and specialized line of contact throughout the process, assuming responsibility in every business concerning to us, which allows us to generate confidence and trust in our firm.


Helping our clients, whom we consider friends, find the required support in dealing with their issues in every member of this firm, given that all objectives are achieved as a team, which in turn allows for the establishment of trust while delivering the best results.


This firm offers knowledge of the Law, which translates in understanding every related area in judiciary matters; doctrine catalogues each area with a specific name as mentioned below, however, our human capital allows us to ensure that every legal issue brought to our firm will have a solution. Therefore, we will be grateful in advance for the trust deposited on us in handling your issues in any of the following AREAS:

  • Administrative

  • Environmental and Natural Resources

  • Commercial

  • Banking and Finance

  • Corporate and Legal Audit

  • Distribution, Supply and Franchising

  • Industrial Property

  • Telecommunications and Radio Broadcasting

  • Fiscal

  • Mergers and Acquisitions

  • Real Estate

  • Labor

  • Civil and Merchant

  • Criminal

  • Immigration

  • Etcétera


The firm has the confidence of a large number of clients, comprised of individuals as well as enterprises, each and every one of them of the utmost importance for us; however, due to confidentiality reasons, we are unable to disclose their names according to Mexican Law.

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